5 Inspirational Books That Will Restore the Spirit of Life

Have you ever felt that one time in your life has lost your enthusiasm for life and don’t know what we will do for the future? No matter how hard we try to change things, in the end, it cannot change anything and makes you despair, confusion surrounds you, and you think there is no other way. Each of us might pass this phase, and it’s just that not everyone can miss it well. External factors also play an important role in this situation.

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High Expectations Are the Key to Everything, Michael Bergdahl

If you have ever been disappointed because of your lack of hope in yourself or someone, then this book is a panacea. The author in the book says, “we will be better if we always hope to be better for ourselves, and when we help others become better, then we have added possibilities for ourselves to be better.” This book teaches to set big expectations, dream big, make big plans, and set definite goals. This book encourages you to be better than you were before and others.

Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom

This book is the best choice for you to find answers to many questions in our lives. Many life lessons are summarized in this book ranging from death, regret, family, emotions, fear, aging, money, love, marriage, culture, forgiveness, and much more. Morrie, in this book, is the character of an old professor with great wisdom towards life that explains to Mitch, a student, Morrie recounts the happy and painful experience that he had gone through all his life when the two men met every Tuesday.

Who Will Cry When You Die, Robin Sharma

This book teaches us to live life wisely and wisely to reach one’s true potential. This is a simple but effective material to improve the quality of our lives. Not only that, but this book also explains how the relationship between building our daily habits of correlating into a better person.

Warrior of the Light, Paulo Coelho

You are not mistaken if you consider this book as a guide to your life. No matter what is tedious in your life, things that make you discouraged and lose direction in life, this book will eliminate the doubts and disappointments that you have experienced. Recommended for you warriors of life.

The Magic, Rhonda Byrne

This is the book you need when you experience an inner crisis. Often we forget to be grateful when we are planning something. And when plans don’t match our expectations, we lose direction. The authors in this book remind us to continue to be grateful for what we have. Those who are thankful will get more blessings, but for those who do not, they will continue to feel inadequate and will even lose what they already have.