Benefits of Becoming a Member

Registration is FREE. You can get free books just by registering to become a member of Bukukita. There are 5 benefits of becoming a member of, namely:

  1. Discount
    Members are entitled to get a discount from every book purchase.
  2. Promo
    Entitled to get all the advantages/benefits of promotions that holds
  3. Point Rewards
    Do some activities on the site will get Points. In the meantime, Point Rewards is earned by members if a member carries out activities such as member registration (for new members), buying books, sending reviews, and clicking on banner ads or active text ads. The value of points collected can be used as a payment instrument option or payment enhancer when shopping.
    Read here for complete information.
  4. Gathering / Meeting
    – Every Month A Prize, members will meet every few months. The purpose of this meeting is to have a friendly gathering among members and mutual discussion about the world of books.
    – Each meeting will be held a prize draw to compete for a book from, which will be given by representatives of who were also present at the meeting.
    – The prize draw is only valid for members to present at the meeting. The place and time will be notified via the site.