7 Motivational Books You Need to Read at the Beginning of a Career

To help you more quickly adjust to situations and circumstances in the work environment, you can find out from books that contain the experience of the author or tips to stay motivated in the early career phase. Reading motivational books is quite useful because you can find out without feeling intimidated, like when asking seniors. These motivational books will help you to understand a situation from many perspectives. This time I have summarized 7 motivational books that you can read to be more enthusiastic about the world of work.

Talent is Never Enough – John C. Maxwell

One more from Maxwell that I recommend for you to read, Talent is Never Enough, will open your mind more broadly about the talents that you can collaborate when executing responsibilities in the work environment. This motivational book examines the talents that must be used at the right opportunity so that it can be of benefit to many people. At the beginning of a career, sometimes not everyone has the opportunity to prove their talents because their position or field is not in accordance with the natural talent that already exists in you. But, with this motivational book, you can learn to keep practicing and sharpen your talents. When the time and opportunity come, you are ready to use trained talents.

The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber

Starting a career in the field of entrepreneurship is certainly not as easy as working in a company that already has a system and rules that have been tested. Success can not be obtained immediately when you start the business because there is a process of pursuing a successful phase. E. Gerber, through his motivational book, wants to share tips to become successful entrepreneurs in this era. Enough to be a reminder that real life cannot be as smooth as a fairy tale, including in building a career. There is one more motivational book by E. Gerber that is recommended for those of you who are starting a career as an entrepreneur, Awakening The Entrepreneur Within, may be included in your next reading list.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

This motivational book is one of the oldest compared to 9 other books. First published in 1937, this motivational book by Dale Carnegie is still widely read today. This motivational book is even one of the best-selling books in the world, selling more than 30 million copies. Getting the hearts of office colleagues to accept your views is not easy, but this motivational book by Carnegie will help you to know the secret. As someone who just started his career, let alone win the hearts of colleagues, take the attitude still like to be confused. So, reading this motivational book will be very useful for you.

Thrive – Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, who is the Co-founder and editor in chief of Huffington Post, has always been successful with her writing. One of them is Thrive (2014). This motivational book you can buy in the form of e-books. This book discusses women sometimes forget, as busy in the office, to build a career, and they need other activities to balance life. For those who are just starting in their careers, reading this book will motivate not only to work optimally but also to live their days happily without forgetting tasks and careers in the office.

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

After reading this motivational book, your spirit will be guaranteed to flare up even more. This motivational book is suitable for you who are ambitious to change the world and not just complete tasks in the office. Have any of you read Start with Why?

Rich Woman – Kim Kiyosaki

For tough women working out there, you need to read this motivational book to stay motivated to build a business. Especially for young entrepreneurs whose capital is still not as much as senior business people who are reliable and very well-established in the capital, you need to know that financial management guidelines can also be obtained outside of the education bench. Through this motivational book too, Kiyosaki wants to invite women not to depend on men. About starting a business, managing the budget, and seeking additional capital, you can find in the motivational book published in 2006.

The 360-Degree Leader – John C. Maxwell

Speaking of the environment and new jobs, the influence that you can varies with the number of people you have just met too. Various habits from different backgrounds will be seen in the office or workplace, and you may be influenced or even give effect to your environment. John C. Maxwell wrote many things about influences in this motivational book. As a leak, you will get the spirit to make a good impact in the office after reading this. Maxwell believes influencing does not depend on position or position because everything returns to the attitude and attitude shown by you. This motivational book can also be read for beginners to leaders in various occupational sectors.

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