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After the Words

by Jennifer Londry

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$17.95 (CDN) / $16.95 (US)

Paperback (Poetry) · 8.5" x 5.25" · 96 pages
Release Date: April 2010
ISBN 978-1-992671-00-3

Jennifer Londry's poems come at the reader like a brisk punch to the heart. The people who inhabit them are profane and tender, dazed and confused and short on options, yet they remain stubbornly vibrant. These damaged souls assert their humanness and connection.

Londry writes with vivid immediacy about the people and places around her, so that each poem moves richly and swiftly through memory and perception, through the daily difficulty of a mother's descent into Alzheimer's and the others who live in the same care home. Londry writes of life as only she can see it, our world seen through poetic eyes, unafraid to see the harsh realities and capable of sparkling revelations.

She has been busy down here, knee-deep in a poety's work, bringing our attention to glories and cruelties, through poetic stories only she can tell: how each hour dangled and flipped to its opposite / till the wolf slunk away.

Author Bio

Jennifer Londry

In a little room by a window, Jennifer Londry writes. She is the co-author of one previous collection of poetry, Life & Death in Cheap Motels, (2009, Hidden Brook Press), with R.D. Roy. The collection has been compared to a "gut-punch guided tour through the 3 a.m. gritty neighbourhoods of the soul." She has been published in a number of literary magazines and recently appeared at the Kingston Writers' Festivals, (2009). She lives in Kingston.

Awards for After the Words

2010 - Saskatchewan Book Awards
Finalist, Publishing Award

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