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Judith Krause at McNally Robinson

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

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Wednesday Mar 25 2015 7:00 pm  Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

In Homage to Happiness, Judith Krause writes with extraordinary sympathy and a light touch of humour, as she probes the nuances of love and loss and how both must be experienced if there can be any hope for true happiness. The title sequence is a deft and moving poem on the life and work of Agnes Martin, an abstract expressionist born in Saskatchewan who gained prominence in New York art circles in the ’60s and ’70s. Contemplating the inescapable themes of lyric poetry—time, mortality, nature, and the contradictions of the human heart—Judith Krause turns them to provocative and unexpected ends.

Judith Krause is a Regina writer, editor and teacher whose work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. She holds an MFA from Warren Wilson College as well as a BA and BEd from the University of Regina. She has edited a number of poetry collections and co-edited the anthology Out of Place with Ven Begamudré. Her earlier publications include four poetry collections: What We Bring Home, Half the Sky, Silk Routes of the Body, and Mongrel Love and a collaborative chapbook, blue transport/ the insistence of green. Krause is a two-time recipient of the City of Regina Writing Award, co-winner of the Ralph Gustafson Poetry Prize, and has been awarded residencies and fellowships in the U.S. She is currently serving as the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate.

Homage to Happiness is currently nominated for the Poetry Award from the 2015 Saskatchewan Book Awards.

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