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Wildness Rushing In - Reviewed in Star Phoenix

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Review Excerpt by William Robertson, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Saskatoon writer dee Hobsbawn-Smith, well known for her cookbooks and as a food advocate, steps up with her first collection of poems, Wildness Rushing In, an ambitious and mostly accomplished debut.

Hobsbawn-Smith recently completed her MFA in writing at the University of Saskatchewan, and you can feel language becoming metaphoric throughout the collection. In The week Col. Williams confessed and There is that moment she makes her connections eloquently and with a minimum of fuss. Occasionally, as in Tsunami, and to some extent Kilns, she pushes the metaphor a bit too hard. But there's an eager intelligence at work here. Witness the varying forms: Free verse, prose poems, sonnet, a fine glosa, villanelle, she gives them all a try. I have been at the lake for ten days is as lovely a mathematically structured poem as you're likely to find.

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