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'Women are missing in our lives' - Vangie Bergum in the Nelson Star

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

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Excerpt by Will Johnson - Nelson Star

Vangie Bergum’s grandmother Inger Marie died on a remote Saskatchewan homestead in 1929, but the Ymir author still converses with her on a regular basis.

“It’s not a weird relationship I have with her. I know it’s coming out of my own writing, my own thoughts,” said Bergum in a recent interview with the Star.

“When I talk to her, I talk to her as ‘bestemor’, which is Norwegian for grandmother, She was 57 when she died. Younger than I am now. But I’ll ask her a question and she’ll answer me. She’s always supportive of me, and my writing. She’s glad that I talk to her, and that I’m interested in her life.”

Bergum is more than interested. Her lifelong investigation into her grandmother’s death at the hands of her grandfather qualifies more as an obsession. According to her, she had no choice but to write her recently released memoir Downstream: Bestemor & Me, which explores the murder-suicide that claimed her grandmother’s life and the long-term effects it had on her family.

“I have a relationship with my grandmother now,” she said. “It’s based on what I know about her. Letters she wrote. I asked her if I should be doing this, and she was guiding me in some ways.”

Bergum began writing in 1985, but didn’t see the book published until this year.

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