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Bringing the children ‘Home’- Vernon Morning Star

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

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Sean Arthur Joyce didn’t know his grandfather very well. It was only after he was grown up that he learned that his family was heir to an experience that concerns more than four million Canadians.

“I started to research and found out that my grandfather had been one of the home children, the very poorest of British children who were sent to Canada and other Commonwealth countries as indentured servants as young as five years old,” said Joyce, a B.C. writer and journalist, whose new book is Laying the Children’s Ghosts to Rest: Canada’s Home Children in the West.

“These children were called ‘gutter trash.’ There was nothing for them, as their parents were destitute because of the changes of the industrial revolution. They received minimal, if any, schooling and were working on farms by the age of 10.”

More than 100,000 children were sent to Canada, most through private and church  organizations, most to the east. Joyce decided to find out what happened to the ones in Western Canada.

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