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Hagios Press Congratulates Hagios Authors at the SBAs

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Hagios Press congratulates our our authors who are finalists for the 2014 Saskatchewan Book Awards and Paul Wilson who was awarded the Poetry Award. Here are excerpts of jury comments of  Hagios Press books, and co-published books.

Jury Comments -- For the 2014 Saskatchewan Book Awards:

Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport Publishing Award

Hagios Press:

The Survival Rate of Butterflies in the Wild by Murray Reiss

Every poem speaks to the struggle, the madness, and some sort of solution—it was honour to share his journey.

The Invisible Library by Paul Wilson

Obviously authored by someone who loves words and ideas, and the inherent beauty of the book that frames them. 

Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery and Hagios Press:

Robert David Symons Countryman: Artist Writer Naturalist Rancher by Terry Fenton, with introduction by Trevor Herriot

A beautiful presentation of art and narrative the book sensitively gives the reader insight into the life of a man who was both a dreamer and connected to, and rooted in, the land. 

University of Regina Book of the Year Award

Dwayne Brenna, Stealing Home: Baseball Poems, Hagios Press

Lively kinetic poetry. The voice is always assured and vivid, good humoured yet shorply focused, and going for broke. 

Saskatchewan Arts Board Poetry Award - WINNER

Paul Wilson, The Invisible Library, Hagios Press

Wilson’s rich imagery echoes and lingers long after the last page of this remarkable collection is turned, with a vision both ominous and luminous, bearing out how, against impulses that degrade  and erase human culture, “within the book, light is amber and still.”

City of Saskatoon and Public Library Saskatoon Book Award

Dwayne Brenna, Stealing Home: Baseball Poems, Hagios Press

Wisdom is where you find it, and so is rich human experience. Dwayne Brenna finds both on the baseball diamonds of Saskatchewan and instills them into poems that will take his readers into territory that is once both familiar and strange. 

Drs. Morris & Jacqui Shumiatcher Regina Book Award

Paul Wilson, The Invisible Library, Hagios Press

Passionate, idea-rich poems that probe our desire and need to read the world and that sing beautifully of our love affair with the book. 

Hagios Press would like to acknowledge Heather Smith and her team at the MJMAG for the co-publishing of Robert David Symons Countryman, as well as editorial and production teams at Hagios Press for their excellent work on all three books short listed for the Publishing Award.


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