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Baseball Poet Writes of a Life-long Love for the Game

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

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For Saskatoon poet, Dwayne Brenna, author of Stealing Home: Baseball Poems (released this month from Hagios Press, Regina), writing poems about baseball is as natural as throwing a curve ball over the corner of home plate. Brenna, has picked up the baseball and rosin bag every spring for fifty-two years, and continues to pitch on old-timer baseball teams such as the Red Deer Playboys, the Saskatoon Outlaws, and the Riverhurst Thumpers.

“I grew up on a farm where my first memories of baseball were of standing in a pasture with my brother as my father hit pop flies out to us,”  Brenna recalls, “My dad instilled a love of the game in both my brother and me, and so a meditation on home became a meditation about baseball.”  

The poems in Stealing Home: Baseball Poems are drawn from colourful characters met on the playing field, and many humorous and insightful experiences Brenna witnessed as a perennial “boy of summer”. Brenna takes us out to the ballgame in ways that surprise and beguile hurling poems at the reader that reveal baseball’s inherent poetry.

“Any good book of poetry about baseball is not simply about baseball,” Brenna explains, “Some of my favourite poems in the collection are about matters other than sport. The way a baseball diamond is sometimes the site of teaching and learning, of generational disputes and misunderstandings, of sexual politics—all of these have been the thematic basis of poems in the book.” 

Brenna also has poems that take us to historic moments in the history of the sport, giving voice to many baseball icons including: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Jackie Robinson. Anyone who has a love for the game of baseball will want Stealing Home on their book shelves. 

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