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Open Book: Toronto Blogger Praises Laurie D Grahamís Rove

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Friday, June 21, 2013

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Andrew Faulkner writes a blog on Open Book: Toronto. His first book, Need Machine, was published by Coach House Books in April 2013. He wrote about Laurie D Graham’s poetry book Rove in advance of publication. Here is an excerpt:

Maybe you don’t know Laurie D Graham, and maybe you don’t know that her first book, Rove, will be published by Hagios Press this fall. But you do know—because I am telling you now—that this is a book you should pre-order now so you can read it as soon as it comes out. It’s also a book you should draft in your book award fantasy league because if it’s not on the Lampert shortlist this time next year then I don’t even know.

Most first poetry books are a best-of collection of whatever the author’s written up to that point. Rove, though, is different—it’s a book-length poem that has a deep strain of open thoughtfulness and care that is almost unheard of in a debut collection.


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