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Review: Stealing Home: Baseball Poems by Dwayne Brenna - Spitball Magazine

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Monday, April 1, 2013

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Spitball, the prestigious American magazine of literary writing on baseball reviewed Dwayne Brenna’s Stealing Home: Baseball Poems, in their spring 2013 edition:

Stealing Home is a collection of more than fifty baseball poems by Dwayne Brenna, a Spitball contributor and teacher of drama at the University of Saskatchewan. The breadth of subject is delightfully wide, ranging from poems about playing situations and experiences to imagined sexual pickup lines in the wanted ads phrased in baseball terminology to inventive ruminations on the greats like Ruth, Mantle, Mathewson, and Drysdale. There’s nothing fancy or pretentiously opaque about these poems which rely on the game’s own virtues for much of their impetus. Even when one of them seems predictable descriptive (as in “Double Play”) Brenna pulls it out in the last lines with an often witnessed, seldom mentioned truth: “Umpire’s hand shoots out/ loves to be part of a pretty play.”

You can read baseball poems by Dwayne Brenna and others on the Spitball website.


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