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Review Excerpt: Fallout by Sandra Ridley - pesbo

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Friday, July 23, 2010

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By: Pearl Pirie

Pearl Pirie reviewed Sandra Ridley's Fallout for pesbo after her June launch in Ottawa. Here is an excerpt.

Perhaps because it is Canadian we need to define it in terms of what it is not, rather than by what it is?

There’s no whimsy ruffles nor padded, baggy phrases. Each phrase counts and works but it is not so bare-bones that it feels harsh.

It talks about history and has a clear social criticism of nuclear testing and the impacts of it but doesn’t feel like an ideological waggling finger. The fallout from military is not just literal physical but social.

The language is not emotional and directive. It takes a hard positions on what to view and show. It is about showing not telling. Details are laid out, such as play by play of naive people pocketing shards of nuclear-bomb melted rocks as souvenirs, without judgement on the act. That is left to the reader to interpolate. This gives a respect for the intelligence of the reader.


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