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The Publisher Bios

Eric Greenway, Co-Publisher

Since 1979, Eric Greenway has held a number of communications positions in non-profit organizations - in publishing, post-secondary education, and the arts. He has gained a broad professional experience through his twenty-year communications career, including communication planning, research, publications, advertising, writing, media relations, and promotion. He was employed with the Saskatchewan Writers Guild between 1999 and 2002 as Communications and Development Officer, with wide-ranging responsibilities in strategic communication planning - including member communication, media relations, promotion, and resource development.

In addition to his professional communications background, he has been an active member of the Saskatchewan creative writing community for about ten years. He has accessed learning opportunities, including the Sage Hill Writing Experience, the writers colonies program, and a variety of other courses; and, in addition to publishing and broadcasting credits, his writing has won an SWG Literary Award. His book The Darkness Beneath All Things (Hagios) won the First Book Award at the 2005 Saskatchewan Book Awards. He is currently Director of Operations for the YWCA in Regina.

Donald Ward, Co-Founder & Co-Publisher

Donald Ward is a writer, editor, and designer with extensive experience in Saskatchewan and across the west. He is the editor and/or designer of several books that have been awarded distinction at the Saskatchewan Book Awards, including Waiting for the Light (Fifth House) which won the Publisher's Prize in 1995. Ward is also an author in his own right, with a collection of short fiction published in 2003 and another in 2013. In 2003 his fiction book Nobody Goes To Earth Any More won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Book of the Year, and in 2013 his collection The Weeping Chair was shortlisted in four categories at the Saskatchewan Book Awards, and has been nominated for the ReLit Award. He has also worked as a text editor for a number of academic books and periodicals. He has had his literary work published in journals, newspapers, and on CBC Radio. Donald Ward lives in Saskatoon with his wife, Colleen Fitzgerald.

Paul Wilson, Co-Publisher

Paul Wilson was born in Lacombe, Alberta, in 1954. He studied communications at Lethbridge Community College. After several years as a writer in radio broadcasting Paul Wilson began his career in arts administration in 1981 when he was hired at the Saskatchewan Writers Guild as Program Director. Through the 1980s and 1990s Wilson was instrumental in establishing innovative new programming for the SWG including LAFS: a festival of humour, a Manuscript Evaluation Service, a Mentorship Program for Emerging Writers, and an international conference and book fair called Gathering the Voices. He was also a founding board member of such programs as The Saskatchewan Book Awards and the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Program. From November of 1999 to October 2001 Wilson was the Executive Director of the SWG. He has also worked with Member Services at Nature Saskatchewan. He is currently the Managing Editor of Hagios Press.

He is the an author of The Fire Garden, poetry, 1987; Dreaming My Father's Body, poetry, finalist for the City of Regina Book Award, 1994; and The Long Landscape, poetry, finalist for the Saskatchewan Book of the Year and Poetry Awards (Sask. Book Awards) and winner of the City of Regina Book Award (Sask. Book Awards), 1999. Wilson's fourth collection of poetry, Turning Mountain was published by Wolsak & Wynn Publishers in 2007. His most recent book is The Invisible Library. Paul Wilson lives in Regina.