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Submissions to Hagios Press

  • Hagios Press is a small literary press and does not read unsolicited manuscripts at any time.
  • We do welcome queries by writers working in short-fiction (short story collections and novellas), non-fiction, art books and poetry.
  • Queries can be submitted by e-mail (see below) and by regular mail.
  • We don't accept multiple submissions of queries or manuscripts.
  • Queries should be no longer than two or three pages. Please make your queries concise and persuasive. We want to know why your manuscript is right for us.
  • If a query is of interest to us we will ask to see a sample of the larger manuscript.
  • If the sample manuscript is of interest to us we will then consider the full manuscript for publication.
  • We will make all attempts to be timely in our responses to queries and other stages of our submission process.
  • A listing of publications and literary achievements should be included with your query.
  • We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Calls for Submissions: From time to time Hagios Press will issue a call for submissions for a specific genre or publishing series such as the Strike Fire New Authors Series. Calls for Submissions will appear on this page as well as the  Hagios Press Blog.

Send Queries to:

Hagios Press
Box 33024
Cathedral P.O.
Regina, SK
S4T 7X2