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Our Story

Hagios Press arose in 1996 out of a need for a third literary press in Saskatchewan. The two long established presses in the province (Coteau & Thistledown, established in the 70's) had moved on to become mid-list presses, publishing a dozen or more books a year. The writing community in Saskatchewan was growing and the two literary presses couldn't begin to publish all the fine work being written in the province.

Governor General's Award winning poet and teacher Anne Szumigalski was the first writer Hagios published in 1997 with Sermons on Stones a book that went on to win the non-fiction award at the Saskatchewan Book Awards in 1998. Hagios published one or two books a year in 1998 through 2000.

Hagios has grown into a strong "small press" as can seen by its publishing program. Hagios published 2 books in 2003, 5 books in 2004, and 6 books in 2005. The principles of the press remained the same, with a program that focused on strong Saskatchewan content, while expanding the reach of the publishing program to include authors from Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario.

Recognition for the press grew, and articles appeared in local media, one proclaiming that Hagios was "...a press to be reckoned with." In 2005 all five of the Hagios Press Books in competition for the 2005 Saskatchewan Book Awards were award finalists, Hagios received ten nominations in seven categories, more than any other publisher in the province. Two of those books won awards: for Poetry (When Light Falls from the Sun, Allan Safarik) and for First Book (The Darkness Beneath All Things, Eric Greenway). Hagios Press's has set its publishing program at between 6 and 8 titles a year with 6 titles being published in 2006 and 7 titles being projected for 2007.

In 2006 Hagios received more recognition with its poetry title Songs to Kill a Whitikow, being nominated for the McNally Robinson Aboriginal Book of the Year, and winning the National Aboriginal Poetry Award. Victor Enns was a finalist for the Manitoba Book of the Year with his Hagios collection Lucky Man. At the 2006 Saskatchewan Book Awards Hagios was again recognized with five nominations in five categories including nominations in the Award for Publishing and Publishing in Education categories.