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Introduction to Hagios Press

Hagios Press is an award-winning publisher of literary non-fiction, art books, short fiction, and poetry, with a particular focus on books that advance a spiritual connection to the world.

A regional publisher with a national reach, Hagios Press has attracted some of Canada’s best and established writers, including three poet laureates. We are proud to acknowledge established writers, including Lorna Crozier, David Elias, Allan Safarik, Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Robert Currie and Don Kerr - to name but a few of our many exceptional writers.

Historically known for its poetry, Hagios Press has now diversified its list to include short fiction and literary non-fiction, and as a visionary publisher, continues to embrace innovative, and essential new works. The Strike Fire New Authors Series is designed to develop and promote the very best new writers from Saskatchewan and across Canada, while the Hagios Prairie Classics Series presents new editions of neglected or as yet unpublished master works of prairie literature in the genres of short fiction, poetry and nonfiction. Hagios Press art books, published in collaboration with art galleries, are reaching a new and exciting audience.

Hagios Press continues to lay claim to its distinctive place on the Canadian literary scene, as a literary press that is committed to publishing superbly written, beautifully designed and conceived books that strive to inform, enlighten and transform readers.